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ENCORE is a Montreal-based, multi-faceted entertainment group. Founded by François Rozon in March of 2000, Encore produces everything from comedic series, to dramatic series, live comedy specials and theatrical pieces. The company also has a division devoted to artist management.

ENCORE breaks down into two main sectors:

ENCORE SPECTACLE is an industry leader in the production of live shows. François Rozon, company president and founder, was a major player in the comedy world of the 1980s. He helped launch the careers of countless artists, many of whom are now internationally famous stars. With the support of its hardworking staff, Encore has produced numerous successful touring shows and sold over 3 million tickets and more than 400 000 DVDs.  The company has broken multiple sales records and to this day, continues to represent the most sought-after stand-up comics. In 2015 Encore expanded its mandate and began to adapt and produce plays based on successful films.


ENCORE TELEVISION has experienced a meteoric rise in the last few years adding award-winning TV series production to their roster. This division has produced and distributed over 300 hours of fiction. The company’s most well-known productions are Les Beaux malaises (45% MS), Boomerang (37% MS), For Sarah (37% MS), True North (37% MS), Freefall (30% MS), 10 seasons of Caméra Café (30% MS), Mirador (25% MS) and 32 live comedy specials.

Thanks to their success on the small screen, Encore Television has been established as the most recognized production company in the field of comedy in Quebec. In 2015, the company was awarded the prize for Best Producer by the AQPM (Quebec Media Producers Association).

ENCORE, its artists, creative craftsmen and women, television shows, live shows and plays have garnered more than 60 prestigious awards bestowed by their peers in the industry.

ENCORE distributes shows and formats to international markets, and the company catalogue includes dramatic and comedic series as well as documentary series and films.


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